Exhibition Art in Amsterdam 2011

Art in Amsterdam, vanuit de RAI naar de stad

Synesthesia Prada Willy at the Eddie the Eagle Museum

"a love story between the senses"

11-15th May 2010 Art in Amsterdam
Official opening/dinner Thursday 12th May 16.00-24.00

During Art in Amsterdam, the exhibition at The Eddie the Eagle Museum will evolve around the theme of synesthesia, an ultimate co-operation of the senses. Vision, taste, touch, smell and hearing will all be combined.

On Thursday there will be an opening with food that triggers more then your taste and incredibly good-looking musicians. Undergo a professional synaesthesia test and create your own musical piece by touching paper. As always much more at the same time to experience.

With work of Dianaband, Szylvie Toth, Celia Sheen, Aukje Dekker & Keez Duyvez. Lecture and professional synaesthesia test by Olympia Colizoli

When: 11 t/m 15 mei 2011
Title: Prada Willy

Art in the City, Institutions open their doors
During Art Amsterdam a large number of museums, art spaces, artists’ initiatives and events have united under the Art in Amsterdam moniker. The program was developed in cooperation with Art Amsterdam to entrench the fair in the capital to stress and shows the vibrancy of Amsterdam as a city of art. The participating institutions are distributed throughout the city and can be recognized by the Art in Amsterdam with logo. The specially designed map shows the locations and their program. A large number of participants of Art in Amsterdam organizes special exhibitions for the occasion or an activity, which Art Tips’ are mentioned and shown on the map. The Art Tips will also be on the website of Art Amsterdam.